stop-motion video for a charity organisation

video — animation

Year 2012
For UTS Sydney, 40K foundation
Tasks Idea, Concept, Director, Music

In the animation class during my exchange semester at the UTS in Sydney, we had a cooperation with the Australian charity organisation „40 K“. They asked us to create an image video that introduces their organisation and explains their „40K PLUS“ program. Together with Julia Stummer we created a stop-motion video, consisting of over 600 single pictures and four weeks of decent stress. Luckily, the organisation picked our video in the end and used it for their advertising and educational purposes.


SIDE FACT — We set up our „photo studio“ in our 8 m² room. There is no photo evidence of that, because we let the camera attached to the tripod. And it was 2012, when we didn’t have a photo mobile phone yet. sad.